Why Bark.com For Professionals Is Not A Thumbtack Alternative

Bark.com advertises amazing leads, new customers, new clients, growing business, what’s not to love!

..quite a lot.

Turns out there is a clear reason the Bark.com app has a 2.2 rating on the Google Play store.

We recommend giving Thumbtack for Professionals a try instead.

Great concept, failed execution
  • Quality of Leads
  • Responsiveness of Leads
  • Customer Service
  • Value for Money


Bark.com provides the same concept as Thumbtack for Professionals in which it gives you the opportunity to connect directly with new business through leads which you can communicate directly on their app or website. Investing heavy time in both Thumbtack and Bark, it is clear Thumbtack provided a ROI and Bark.com did not. The way Bark.com charges you per lead compared to the manner Thumbtack charges you per response is the clear reason why this was the case. The current method at which Bark.com operates, they are not interested in whether leads you pay for, respond to you. If 90% of leads are not responsive, then what is the point? Well, the point is to make money off of you, not so much for you to make money off of Bark.com leads..although if that does happen, great. Bark.com certainly does not get in the way of you making money off of their leads. I believe at times Bark.com has good quality leads that are responsive and serious about hiring a pro however Bark.com does not distinguish these leads from other low quality leads. Their attitude is “we cannot make customers respond” per a Google review response. Sure, Bark.com, pass the blame onto the customer. Meanwhile, your customers will look elsewhere for new business.


You get a good number of leads sent to you

You can get new customers/clients


You pay per lead, not response

Questionable lead quality

Leads are not responsive

Leads give fake contact information

Buggy apps

Website needs improvement

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