Is Roman Health Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) Treatment Worth Trying?

Will you regret buying Roman generic viagra? Likely not. Afterall, you get the first month of meds free.

You may have different reasoning for taking sildanifil (Viagra) or tildanifil (Cialis) than me or most. Ultimately, it is taken to improve sexual performance and have better sexual experiences.

Roman’s generic version of Viagra, sildenafil, is of course not the exact same as brand name Viagra or other reverse engineered competition. They do contain the same active ingredient leaving very little room for there to be differences between them. This begs the question, is one manufacturer’s sildenafil more effective than another? That is certainly possible. It is best to see what works for you.

He is my experience with Roman Health’s ED meds.

My Goal: To have harder erection for longer period and to delay ejaculation during sex.

Products tried: Roman generic Viagra vs. over the counter (OTC) Mexican pharmacy Viagra in the same 25mg dosage

Period of time tried: 1 week

In my experience, Roman generic Viagra was less effective vs. over the counter (OTC) Mexican pharmacy Viagra in the same 25mg dosage. The OTC Mexican pharmacy option, while more expensive per pill than Roman, was extremely effective in reaching my goal.

To see if Roman works for you, why not give it a try. Stay tuned for a BlueChew review.

Worth a try
  • Overall
  • Effectiveness
  • Order Process
  • Shipping
  • Product Presentation


It WORKED however it did not meet all of our goals.


Simple process

Fast shipping

Product presentation

Can take health supplements and still be approved for a prescription

Easy subscription cancellation to order on demand

Supported stronger, harder erection


Did not delay ejaculation

Did not maintain erection after ejaculation

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